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Shenzhen Dekang Cleaning Electronic Appliance Co., Limited is a comprehensive new high-tech enterprise which focuses on the research & development, production and sale of commercial, household, industrial high-power ultrasonic cleaners etc.



All Dekang’s standard products have achieved most international standards, such as CE certification, RoHS certification, FCC certification etc. Besides, all no-standard products also can satisfy all requirements of these most international standards.


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Dekang can provide both OEM&ODM services to all customers based on certain conditions, such as MOQ etc if necessary. Besides, 1 year’s warranty can be available for all products from Dekang unless they are broken intentionally.


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Dekang’s products can be used to clean big irregular and complex specialized instruments, components and PCBs of sundry shops, workshops, factories etc.; smash, emulsify, scatter, hydrolyze, extract, degass certain analyzed objects in labs.